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We offer treatments for people of all ages
and for a variety of foot conditions.



Restore your natural foot function with custom orthotics.

Sport Injury

Injured in a Sport?

Athletes look to us for treatment and recovery from injuries.

Foot care

Foot Ailments

Don’t suffer through – we can examine and treat many foot conditions.

Complete Foot Care from Our Podiatrist 
in West Vancouver at Hollyburn Podiatry

Whether from sports injuries, badly fit shoes, or osteoarthritis, foot and ankle pain at any age can keep you from activities you enjoy. Dr. Kallman, D.P.M. and associates at Hollyburn Podiatry serve the Vancouver area, including the Lower Mainland and North Shore. As doctors of podiatric medicine, Dr. Kallman, D.P.M. and her colleagues offer complete medical, surgical and therapeutic foot care, including help with orthotics. Our podiatrist in West Vancouver serves patients of all ages and treat a wide range of foot conditions caused by injury or illness, including:

Athlete’s foot
Plantar warts
Achilles tendonitis
Ankle sprains
Heel pain in children
Toe deformities
Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)
Haglund’s deformity
And more

Foot Health at Any Age

The foot specialists at Hollyburn Podiatry work to find the best treatment for your complete foot health. From children to seniors, you can have relief from pain and freedom of movement with appropriate treatments, from orthotics to surgery determined by a complete examination of the physical condition of your feet and ankles and their range of motion. Whether you’re an athlete, a senior looking to stay active, or you’ve been referred by your family physician, we can help with sports injuries and much more.

Make an appointment for a complete examination and treatment for:

Diabetic foot care
Custom foot orthotics
Children's foot health
Geriatric foot care
Podiatric sports medicine
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