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Custom Foot Orthotics 
from West Vancouver’s Hollyburn Podiatry

If you are experiencing difficulty walking or keeping your balance due to foot and ankle pain, then you may find relief with specialized shoes, braces, or custom foot orthotics from our West Vancouver clinic. Dr. Kallman, D.P.M. and the team at Hollyburn Podiatry can provide tests and take measurements to determine the cause of your pain and help find an orthotics solution that would best suit your needs. No matter what stage you are at in your life, we offer treatment and orthotics for seniors and children. All of our orthotics are designed around your needs and usage such as for sports or for work.

Diabetes & Foot Care

People who have diabetes are more prone to foot infections and deformities because of negative effects from diabetes to their nerves. Oil and sweat production is all affected by diabetes, and it’s important to get your feet checked regularly if you are diabetic.


For foot and ankle orthotics, we carry a range of brands for you to choose from and try out. These include:

Northwest Podiatric Lab
Men hiking

Get the Right Treatment

Located in West Vancouver, Hollyburn Podiatry serves the North Shore and the Lower Mainland.

Give us a call today to book an appointment, or if you have any questions about our orthotic brands.

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