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Achilles tendonitis
Ankle sprains
Toe deformities
Flatfoot (fallen arches)
Ganglion cyst
Morton’s neuroma
Haglund’s deformity
Hallux limitus/Hallux rigidus
Plantar fibroma
Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)
Sesamoid injuries
Nail fungus
Plantar warts
Dry skin
Athlete’s foot
Ingrown toenails

Foot Conditions Including Plantar Warts: 
Vancouver’s Hollyburn Podiatry Can Offer Treatment

We can treat many common foot conditions including bunions, gout, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), and plantar warts for Vancouver residents and people in the Lower Mainland. Dr. Kallman, D.P.M. can help people of all ages including seniors and also children. If you have a persisting foot issue or infection, please come into Hollyburn Podiatry. Some common conditions we treat include:

Children’s Foot Problems

Heel Pain

Children can experience heel pain as they become more active in sports, and it is seen more commonly in children between the ages of 8 and 13. This is because the heel bone is not fully developed until around 13 years of age, and new bone is forming at the growth plate up until then. Repetitive stress on the growth plate can cause inflammation and pain. Custom orthotics or taping may be recommended by our podiatrists to alleviate the stress.

In-Toeing Gait

This condition refers to feet that are turning inward instead of pointing straight when a child is walking or running, usually occurring in young children. Treatment options from Hollyburn Podiatry may include stretching exercises, straight last shoes, or an orthotic device called a “gait plate”.

Pediatric Flatfoot

Pediatric flatfoot is the same as flatfoot in adults, but it’s affecting children instead. The main characteristic of flatfoot is when the arch of your foot is partially or completely collapsed, and it can be painful and make things like putting your shoes on very difficult. Custom orthotic devices may be needed for more severe cases of flatfoot in children, and regular monitoring by a podiatrist is recommended.

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